Agents and Advisors

Adherence with NCAA legislation is of utmost importance to VCU and its Athletic Department. NCAA rules regarding agents prohibit student-athletes from having any agreement, verbal or written for representation either now or in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes, their relatives or friends from receiving any benefits from an agent or any person who represents any individual in the marketing of his or athletics ability. It is our expectation that our student-athletes and any agent interested in potentially representing a VCU student-athlete will adhere to these rules. We want our student-athletes to have the opportunity to make a well-informed and educated decision about their future. In doing so, it is critical that we protect our institution and the eligibility of our student-athletes.

VCU Policy Regarding Agents

Without express written consent from the VCU Athletics Compliance Office, Sport Agents, Financial Advisors and any associated third parties (e.g., runners) are prohibited from having any form of contact, either verbal, written (e.g., social media, email) or in-person, with any VCU student-athlete, their family, or friends until the student-athlete has exhausted his or her eligibility. Having any contact with a student-athlete at an athletic event, either by intention or coincidence, is strictly prohibited regardless of whether the event is held on or off of VCU's campus. The VCU Athletics Compliance Office requires agents desiring to contact student-athletes and their families, to fill out and submit the VCU Agent Registration Form to the VCU Athletics Compliance Office. The VCU Agent Registration Form is available on the VCU Athletics Compliance website. This form must be pre-approved by the VCU Athletics Compliance Office before any contact, either in-person or remote, may take place. Furthermore, the VCU Athletics Compliance Office requires any material sent to the student- athletes be sent to either the VCU Athletics Compliance Office or to the coaching staff of the respective student-athlete prior to the materials being given to the student-athlete. 

Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation Certification of Registration

Please note as of July 1, 2020, you must apply for a certificate of registration from Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (“DPOR”) before you are permitted to contact VCU student-athletes (in addition to the VCU Athletics Department requirements). A link to that application for registration is here: The application must be mailed to DPOR. You are required to provide the VCU Athletics Compliance Office a copy of the your certificate of registration that was issued by DPOR containing your agent registration number, and a copy of the application form you submitted to DPOR. 


 VCU Agent Registration Form