NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements

NCAA Core CoursesNumber of Credits
English 4 Credits
Mathematics (Algebra 1 or higher) 3 Credits 
Natural or Physical Science (at least one lab course)   2 Credits 
Additional Courses in English, Mathematics, or Natural or Physical Science  1 Credit
Social Sciences  2 Credits
Additional Academic Courses [in any of the above areas or
foreign language, philosophy, or non doctrinal religion
(e.g. comparative religion) courses]
4 Credits

NCAA Core Courses

  • NCAA Core Courses must be approved by the NCAA to be able to count towards the 16 core courses.
  • Complete 10 of the required 16 NCAA core courses before the start of your senior year.
  • 7 of the 10 NCAA core courses required before the start of your senior year must include English, mathematics, and natural/physical science.
  • These 10 NCAA core courses shall not be replaced.

Test Scores

  • SAT= Critical Reading + Math
  • ACT Sum= English + Math + Reading + Science

Core Grade-Point Average

  • PSA must present a corresponding test score and NCAA core course GPA (minimum 2.300) on the NCAA Sliding Scale.
  • Core course GPA is calculated using the best 16 NCAA core courses that meet both progression (10 before senior year; 7 in English/math/science; “lock-in”) and subject-area requirements.

Division I Academic Requirement and Sliding Scale

Required Documents to Send to the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Official High School Transcripts from every high school that you have attended.
  • Final Official High School Transcript with proof of graduation.
  • Test Scores (test code: 9999)